• Michi Schwery

    Michi Schwery


    What I like about the sport is the ability to control a wing suit so that we can fly as we fly :)

  • Aleksander Domalewski

    Aleksander Domalewski

    Vice President

    Long hikes, long flights, unforgettable places, true friendship - all that comes from our beautiful sport. Trying as well to educate and guide people to make it safe and enjoy it for long time.

  • Marcel Geser

    Marcel Geser

    Local Lauterbrunnen contact

    Flying is my biggest passion. Whether under a paraglider or in my tracking suit - I love being in the air.

  • Géraldine Fasnacht

    Géraldine Fasnacht

    Media Representative French speaking

    Being in the mountains to ride and to fly is my way of life

  • Mathias Wyss

    Mathias Wyss

    Auditor & Insurence expert

    The reason why I Base jump is because I love the unique combination of freedom, nature and adventure with good friends while climbing and flying in our beautiful mountains.