Information regarding Schilthorn Bahn (Parking and Cablecar) at Stechelbrg

Schilthorn Bahn informed us that they repeatedly that jumpers don’t pay the parking tickets.
Either they try to sneak out behind another vehicle or they drive around the barrier into the fields.
It has also been observed that personal cable car tickets are being traded among jumpers and even sold via Facebook.

Sorry Olek, you always tell me to be polite and that we can get better results by being polite…

But this is not acceptable and also extremely stupid. With reckless behavior like this these individuals really jeopardize jumping in Lauterbrunnen for everybody. Schilthorn Bahn has been very kind with us, they let us land next to the parking lot, they let us pack on the parking lot and they work together with the SBA. I hope it is clear to everybody that Schilthorn Bahn has the right to refuse transporting BASE Jumpers. If they want, they could stop doing this and BASE Jumping would get very, very tiring in Lauterbrunnen.

Please behave as responsible jumpers and don’t fuck up jumping for everybody!!!

With Love,