Due to increased airsports traffic in the Stechelberg airspace, 2-way Radios have been installed on the exits and in the landing area.

There are Exit Radios on High Ultimate and Via Ferrata and a third installation is planned for the Low Ultimate exit point. 

There are 2 installations in the Landing area(packing spots) by the gondola station and in the Parking appendix close to the landing field. A third installation is planned near the Paragliding Landing area.

BASE jumpers on exit:

  • Take the responsibility to obtain clearance from the Landing area to avoid endangering yourself and others! (By law this is a requirement!)

  • Push the „call“ button to transmit an attention signal that is heard on all radios

  • Push the PTT button and state your location and request for clearance

  • Wait for a reply from the Landing

  • State the number of jumpers and tracking or wingsuit

  • Wait for clearance from the Landing

    • ONLY jump if you received a positive clearance from the Landing.

    • You may have to wait and call again if the airspace is occupied

Your transmission andcommunication can also be heard on the other exits! This willforewarn anyone also getting ready to jump (i.e. Preventing a Viaferrata Wingsuiter colliding with a High Ultimate Tracker)

BASE jumpers in Landing (packing areas):

  • Take the responsibility to clearly communicate to BASE jumpers on the exit!

  • Answer the radio if the call signal is received by saying: „Landing, go ahead“

  • You will hear: „Exit Location, Number of jumpers, Tracking or Wingsuit, - request clearance to jump“!

  • Look at the airspace of the entire Wall from transport gondola to the waterfall:

    • If there are any Paragliders, Speedflyers or BASE jumpers under canopy transmit by Radio: Landing,- please wait, Airspace is occupied at the moment!

    • If there are NO Paragliders, Speedflyers or BASE jumpers under canopy transmit by Radio: Landing,- Airspace is clear, - Clear to jump!

It is of utmost importance to clearly communicate location, intention and state of the airspace to avoid confusion that could become a liability.

These radios are put in place to improve the safety of our sports,- please treat it with respect!

Radio maintenance:

  • Please hang the radios onto the hook inside the box after use (to avoid rainwater entering)

  • There is a charging station at Merlene's Snack for the radios in the Landing area

  • There are 2 spare radios in Merlene's Snack to exchange for empty ones.

  • Exit radios will be exchanged for freshly charged units nearly daily until Solar charging panels are installed.

Call +41 78 743 41 70 should you experience a problem, or if radios are missing.