!!! Important information regarding Sputnik jump (The crack) in Walenstadt !!!

SBA just got a phone call from the mayor of Walenstadt.
The situation there has been getting worse. We had 2 accidents last weekend.
There are some things to remember:
1. I would like to remind you all that this jump is not for beginners. Please only jump this jump if you are an advanced wingsuit pilot
2. Barn line: Please do not buzz by the barn only a couple of meters above the roof. There are people and animals living there, respect them and don’t invade their home!!
3. Only land on the top landing near to the farm. Do not land in Walenstadt. The people of Walenstadt get scared if you do this.
4. Pay the CHF 5.— for your day jumping at the exit.
5. Act as normal and responsible people.

We just want to remind everyone, even jumping is legal in Switzerland, the local authorities in Switzerland can stop jumping if they want. At Sputnik (and also Lauterbrunnen) it is very easy for them to ban jumpers with rigs from using the public transportation to the exits. This is a very real scenario that can happen any time.