New: Third Party Liability Insurance Offer including Basejumping

In Switzerland a basejumper is subject to the same laws and regulations as a skydiver, as defined by the BAZL/FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation). As such a valid skydiving license is required for basejumping activity and a jumper must have a third party liability insurance.
Up to this day, however, it was not possible in Switzerland to obtain such an insurance that would also cover basejumping – the existing offers would only include hang-gliding and skydiving. However, together with and thanks to Generali  the SBA has now been able to work out a policy that also provides coverage for third party liability as a basejumper. This is not only relevant for Swiss basejumpers, but also for visiting basejumpers from foreign countries whose skydiving and/or hang-gliding liability insurance may not cover basejumping!
Generali offers the following variants:

  • Third party liability insurance covering skydiving, hang-gliding and basejumping.
    - valid for one year, CHF 110.-

  • Third party liability insurance covering basejumping only (ideal for visiting basejumpers).
    - valid 12 months for CHF 75.-
    - valid   3 months for CHF 45.-

The Lauterbrunnen Landingcard (equals SBA membership) is required. For detailed information on coverage and limitations check the insurance terms (Currently only in German, English translation coming soon.)  Download
The insurance can be obtained at the Tourism Office in Lauterbrunnen (Stutzli 460, LauterbrunnenOpening Hours