The police of Lauterbrunnen (the same ones that will have to identify your body if you go in in Lauterbrunnen) informed us that repeatedly jumpers have landed on the main road at Stechelberg.
Today an accident has only been avoided by luck because an english speaking BASE Tourist has landed on the main road in Front of the Hotel Stechelberg in front of a driving car.

PLEASE; it is very annoying to have to write this kind of information.
This is common sense and we should not have to tell this to anybody.
We are grownups and we are not a Kindergarden teacher!
This year was a mess, reckless behavior, landings in the middle of Lauterbrunnen, jumping the Staubbach, littering at the exits, landing on the main road and so on.
The SBA tried to establish a good going along between jumpers and Lauterbrunnen during the last couple of years.
Now, thanks to this year we fell down from being welcome to being tolerated.
The next step would be falling from being tolerated to not being tolerated in Lauterbrunnen.
Lauterbrunnen can do this very easy by simply not transporting jumpers anymore.
We all know that base jumpers don’t like to follow rules.
But by not following this very small numbers of rules and use your common sense, the only ones you are hurting is yourself and the jumpers who would like to visit Lauterbrunnen after you.