!!! Important information regarding jumps (all exits) in Walenstadt !!!

SBA just got a mail from the mayor of Walenstadt.

- The main landing below the Schattenbach / Crack is privately owned. There is a cash box located behind the bus stop. Please pay 2 CHF. for every jump or 5  CHF. for the whole day if you land there.
Don’t put any money in the cash box at the exit. This money from this cash box has been stolen and we will remove this cash box.

Barn line: It is forbidden to fly this line. The people who live and work there don’t like it, they get scared every time someone flies over the barn. Also the animals get scared and they had problems with freaked out cows and horses.

- Watch out for paragliders. Don’t jump the crack around noon. Lots of paraglieders fly there because of the thermals.

- Don't down to Walenstadt

- Be respectful to the Walenstadt residents.

If we are not able to follow the rules (most importantly the landing money and the barn line), the main landing area will be closed by the owners which means that the jump will be closed if we have nowhere to land.

Thanks for your understanding, SBA