As this jump has got a lot of frequency and already 2 fatalities in only one year, we feel the need to inform in detail about this jump:

Please try to keep it as low profile as possible, as mentioned we already got a lot of negative media coverage from this jump.

Please do not fly over houses or huts. If you see sheep herds, do not fly close to them, they get scared very easily and panic. If you see hikers, please also don’t fly close to them.

There is only one dedicated landing area (see enclosed picture). Please only land there, the owner is informed. As of next year, we will put up a cash box in the landing where you can put in CHF 5.—for each landing. If you use a helicopter, he is not allowed to land there.

Inform yourself regarding the weather. This area is known for Föhn winds. The Föhn is a strong, gusty and warm wind. Do not start the hike if the weather predicts a Föhn wind.

Be polite to hikers and climbers. Thanks to the press, most of them don’t like us. Try to explain them (if they understand you) that what we do is no threat to them or others than to yourself.

Register yourself on the SBA website: and don’t forget to give a contact person. If something happens, the police will contact the SBA. It is hard enough for your relatives if you go in but in case this happens, it’s better for them to get the info from a professional caretaker rather than reading it on Facebook.

To the jump:
The exit is short, rock drop is 5 to 6 seconds.
Please be careful specially on first jump. It is visual after exit, bit flat and have terrain in front. Exit has loose rocks and maybe it's good idea to perform first solo jump.
If you fly left after the exit, you need a good glide to reach the ridge. After the ridge the terrain gets a bit steeper. If you need to bail before reaching the ridge, do it as early as possible, the closer you are to the ridge the more you run out of options.

Important: Don’t do rock drops as there is a hiking trail right beneath the exit!

Please also study the enclosed map with indicated cables. There are a lot of cable cars and electric power lines in this region.

Gitschen - cables

Try to land on the dedicated landing. If you in some way cannot reach the landing, find alternative landings. Try to land in fields where the grass is cut. Be polite to the owner, it’s his property you land on.

Gitschen landing no.1

Gitsche landing - detail