General Guidelines for BASE-jumpers in Switzerland_

The following guidelines have been established by the Swiss BASE Association (SBA) in conjunction with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), local authorities, the operators of tram and gondola lines, other air-sports enthusiasts, Heli operators and the farmers on who's fields we land on.


BASE jumping in Switzerland legally is a privilege and not to be taken for granted. Please protect our ability to jump by respecting yourself, the sport, our sites, your fellow jumpers and locals and help to convey a positive image of BASE jumpers to the general public !
  • If you notice inappropriate behaviour by fellow BASE jumpers, kindly inform them of these guidelines to help foster a better understanding, improve safety and maintain a good relationship with the Lauterbrunnen community.
  • Please do not advice unknown fellow jumpers to jump exits they have not jumped before! You do not know their skills, experience and mental state. Advising jumpers to perform beyond their capabilities is a liability.
  • Please do not listen to jumpers trying to convince you to go beyond your level of experience or skills. Take one step at a time and progress slowly. The cliffs will be here longer than anyone of us.
  • Study the Exit Information spread sheet and determine which exits are suitable for you. The ratings are subjective and to be considered as a general recommendation.


Upon your arrival in Lauterbrunnen_
  • Please register on the SBA website at with your personal and emergency contact information
  • Beware that some exit points are not suitable for your skill level! Know your limits !
  • Obtain an insurance that covers Search and Rescue costs (including heli-rescue) and become a patron for REGA or Air Glacier for CHF 30 for one year

During your stay in Lauterbrunnen Valley_

You can help foster a mutually rewarding relationship between us BASE jumpers, the authorities and local Farmers, by:

  • Landing in the field with the windsock
  • Not landing in high grass fields (more than 30cm/1ft)
  • Walking straight out of the field and stash at the border
  • Calling Air Glaciers before every jump +41 33 856 05 60 (Lauterbrunnen is controlled airspace with 5km radius around the Heliport !)
  • All Staubbach exits are prohibited to jump by decision of the community & city hall. Please respect this decision !
  • Not littering and by helping keep the valley clean !
  • Knowing your limits, stay safe & pull at a reasonable altitude !

In case of an emergency - dial 1414 (or +41 333 333 333) for Rega or Air Glacier air rescue !


When jumping the exits in Stechelberg please observe the following aspects:

The airspace is shared among paragliders, speedflyers and BASE jumpers alike. Low man has the right of way,- therefore:

  • Give way to paragliders in flight. Do not fly close to a paraglider in freefall - They cannot see or hear you!
  • Do not cross the river in freefall!
  • Trackers and wingsuiters are asked to turn left off the exits and fly towards Lauterbrunnen, on the left side of the river. 
  • Use the base landing areas marked with the windsock at the left (down valley) of the car park 
  • Do not use the main paraglider landing area (next to the telecabin)

November - February 

  • All 4 Exits are open for basejumpers all day 
  • Paragliders are aware not to fly close to the wall

March - October 

  • Communicate your intentions to the landing area using the Radios provided at the exits prior to any jump
  • Via Ferrata and Flowerbox are open for basejumpers all day 
  • Give way to paragliders who will be flying close to the wall 
  • High Ultimate and Low Ultimate are closed from 09.00-14.00 every day
  • Paragliders are aware not to fly close to the wall before 09.00 and after 14.00

For more detailed information see:

Radio communication

Low Ultimate

High Ultimate