General Guidelines for BASE jumpers in Switzerland_

The following guidelines have been established by the Swiss Base Association (SBA) in close collaboration with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), local authorities, the operators of the train and cable cars, other air-sport enthusiasts, heli operators and the local farmers who provide our landing fields.


It is a huge privilege that BASE-Jumping is legal in Switzerland. Please respect our rules, the jumping sites and the local farmers and authorities. We want to continue jumping - and so do YOU.
  • BASE-Jumping is self-regulated. Therefore, if you notice inappropriate behaviour by other BASE jumpers, talk to them!
  • Please do not advice unknown jumpers: You do not know their skill level, experience and mental state.
  • Please do not listen to people who try to convince you to go beyond your level of experience or skills. Take one step at a time and progress slowly. The cliffs will stay longer than anyone of us.
  • Study the Exit Information sheet and think about which exits are suitable for you. The ratings are subjective and only a general recommendation.
  • Be aware that some exit points are not suitable for your skill level. Know your limits and don’t pull low!


  • Once you’re registered, you can get your Landing Card for 25 CHF at: Horner Pub, Airtime Café (Valley BASE Gear), Base Café and Tourist Information Office in Lauterbrunnen. The Landing Card is valid for a whole year (January until December).
  • In Switzerland it is mandatory to have a third party insurance. You can get your insurance at the Tourist Information Office in Lauterbrunnen (more details here & insurance terms here).
  • Be smart and get an insurance that covers for search and rescue. Become a member of REGA or AIR GLACIERS for CHF 30/year.
  • Download the REGA application on your smartphone for emergencies.

During your stay in Lauterbrunnen Valley_

Please respect a few rules to maintain good relationships between us BASE jumpers and the local authorities and farmers:

  • Always call Air Glaciers (+41 33 856 05 60) before jumping: Yellow Ocean, La Mousse, High La Mousse, Dumpster, all Nose Exits and Melchstuhl (Jungfrau).
  • Air Glaciers’ helicopters fly close to the wall and YOU ARE ENTERING THEIR AIRSPACE. If you DON’T call, you are putting your own and others’ lives at risk. (Since you are entering controlled airspace you are also committing a felony - fines are 10'000 CHF or more.)
  • It is strictly forbidden to jump any of the Staubbauch exits.
  • Do not land in high grass (more than 30cm/1ft).
  • Try to land in fields with a windsock (exception: paragliding landing field next to Schilthorn cable car).
  • Walk straight out of the field and stash at the border.
  • Do not leave any trash at the exit. Keep the valley clean!

In case of an emergency, call REGA at 1414 (or +41 333 333 333).



  • Only jump into clear airspace! Do not fly or pull close to paragliders. They cannot see or hear you.
  • Do not land on the paragliding landing field (next to Schilthorn cable car station).

1st of March – 31st of October

  • Between 9am and 2pm ABSOLUTELY no jumping from High/Low Ultimate, Perkele and Flowerbox (risk of collision with paragliders!)
  • Between 9am and 2pm NO TRACKING to the right (waterfall) from Via Ferrata (risk of collision with paragliders!)

November - February

  • High/Low Ultimate, Perkele and Flowerbox are open all day
  • Check airspace carefully before jumping!

For more detailed information see:

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