Landing Card_


What is it?

The Swiss BASE Association landing card entitles you to use the designated landing areas in the valley, these will be marked with a wind sock. The landing card costs 40 CHF (Swiss francs), is valid for one year and covers the main landing areas for Yellow Ocean, La Mousse, The Nose and Stechelberg. It can be purchased in the Horner Pub, Tourist Information or Valley BASE Gear at Air Time Cafe. 

There are two options offered to you :
  • You can register now, and pay later by cash your Landing Card at one of the selling places at Horner Pub, Tourist Information or Valley BASE Gear at Air Time Cafe or BASE point (Fabien Clerc). Your registration will be validated once payment is made.
  • You can register now, and pay instantly pay your Landing Card for 40CHF via paypal. Please click the following Paypal-checkout button.

The data will be kept confidential and details of experience and equipment will only be used anonymously. The rescue services only have access to relevant data.

Thank you for supporting the BASE-jumping through the Swiss BASE Association.


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Equiqment Information*
Allready Paid 25CHF via Paypal (please use same email address for paypal payment that you used on this registration form)
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