Swiss Base Association provides information for basejumpers in Switzerland & Landing card for Lauterbrunnen...

Sputnik / Hinterrugg / Crack INFO !!!_ 22/05/2016
The Sputnik Season will start soon, so there are a few important things to know. Please read full story but most important "Barn line" is forbidden to fly.
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Schilthorn Bahn informed us that repeatedly jumpers don’t pay the parking tickets. Either they try to sneak out behind another vehicle or they drive around the barrier into the fields. It has also been observed that personal cable car tickets are being traded among jumpers and even sold via Facebook.
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Code of conduct when jumping in Switzerland. Our freedom ends where another begins. When, where and what, get all jumping-related informations here.

Landing Card

Support BASE-jumping in Switzerland and help us keep good relationships with locals. Landing card is mandatory to jump in Lauterbrunnen.